Be Safe for Summer

That big yellow ball in the sky that recently made a brief, teasing appearance was just enough to get many of us thinking that the dreary days of winter might be coming to an end. The clocks going forward was another reminder that summer might not be too far away.

Although it might still be too early to crack out the shorts, flip flops and spaghetti straps, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about staying safe in the water. Whether you are planning a sun, sea and sand holiday abroad or staying closer to home, the excitement and prospect of some well earned time-off relaxing can often be overshadowed by the anxiety of wondering how to keep the children safe while in the pool or sea.

To help families get the most from their time in the water this summer, The Aquatic Academy is offering a 13 week swimming course, running from Saturday 22 April to Saturday 15 July, with the focus being on teaching children how to be safe in the water. Confidence is key when it comes to swimming so our sessions will teach children the fundamentals of swimming and we incorporate song with their parents there to help them feel comfortable in the water.

Whether you are playing in the pool or crashing through the waves at the beach, it can be easy to feel apprehensive about the water. While we never stop worrying about our little ones, it is a huge relief to know that they have the fundamental skills to be confident and safe in and around the water.

Our lessons can also be very useful for a parent who isn’t totally confident in the water themselves and will help them pass on the new found confidence to their children.

The Aquatic Academy follows the Swim Wales’ Wave syllabus, which aims to ensure that everyone can learn to swim. So whether you are a parent wanting to introduce your child to the water, helping them learn the basics and gain confidence, are someone who wants to take that next step and become a proficient or even an elite swimmer or just want to be confident enough to enjoy swimming with your children, there is a class for you at The Aquatic Academy.

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