Children's Swimming Lessons - When is the best time to start learning?

Has your child jumped into the pool, or pushed away from you to swim or float independently in the water? Now is a great time for them to start their swimming learning!


When children are showing confidence in and around the water, it’s the ideal time for them to learn the life-saving skill of swimming. Typically, children join us from the age of four years old, and are confident to be in a group lesson without mum or dad in the water. 


Ahead of joining our lessons parents have shared the children are happy to be in a pool without armbands, enjoy splashing, wear goggles in the bath, or love to be under the water or jump in. If this sounds like your little one - come and join us for the May to July term, and give your child the opportunity to learn to swim for Summer!


Our Wave One (beginners) class has only four children in the lesson, and the teacher is in the water to support their swimming development. The children learn the foundations of the four main swimming strokes (frontcrawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly), along with some water safety skills such as floating and sculling. There is also seating poolside for parents to stay and watch the lesson.


We believe in fun filled learning and use a variety of toys, sinkers and floatation aids to engage the children's creative learning. All our games have a skill or swimming stroke objective, and the children absolutely love learning through play. From becoming a pirate looking for treasure under the water (blowing bubbles), racing their motorbikes across the pool (kicking legs), or wearing a brightly coloured shark fin to practice floating and swimming - the children enjoy and are enthusiastic to learn with these games. 


Lessons are Saturday's in Howells School and you can view our class times and availability here. You can view our Children's Lessons page here, and contact us here to book your swimming sessions.


We look forward to welcoming you to the pool!


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