New Year, New Skill...

As the new year starts, resolutions are made to improve our lives. That may include healthy eating, exercise or learning a new skill. At the end of a long day it’s tempting to reach for the tasty treats, exit plans to exercise or turn on the television - and say goodbye to good intentions. 

It takes a minimum of twenty-one days to form a new habit, and ninety days for it to become an essential part of everyday life. Getting started is the hardest part. Studies show an activity that’s enjoyable, accessible and inclusive is more likely to become a regular practice. 

Sport and nutrition are a great way to start a healthy habit. Eating clean foods that are slow releasing in energy helps to increase activity levels. Walking, gardening - even cleaning the house are all ways to keep active. It’s government recommended that adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week, and for children it’s sixty minutes daily.

Exercise is key to promoting and maintaining good physical health and mental wellness, and swimming is a great sport to start. It’s accessible for all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes and is the only sport that’s a life-saving skill. Lessons are the best way to learn how to swim effectively and efficiently, and small class sizes mean that there is more opportunity to practice what is being taught. 

Some benefits of swimming are that it 

·     Keeps the heart rate up but is low impact on the body.
·     provides an all over body workout, as nearly all the muscles are used when swimming.
·     Builds strength, tones muscle and alleviates stress. 
·     Improves co-ordination, balance and posture.
·     Is lots of fun.

At the Aquatic Academy we provide lessons for children from the age of three years old to adults of all ages. Our class sizes are small and teachers are in the water to support our swimmer’s development. 

Find out more about our Adult and child classes here.
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