Not Enough Children Can Swim!

Not enough children can swim. That’s according to a report by the swimming governing body, the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association), which says that 51% of seven to eleven year-olds can’t swim a length unaided. That means that as we’re set to break up for half term, more than 1.1 million primary school children will not be safe in and around water.

Schools are being criticized for not investing in this key skill. The average state school pupil spends just 8 hours and 15 minutes a year in swimming lessons at school, which is well under the 22 hours recommended by The Department for Education.

The crazy part of this is that swimming is more than just a way of keeping fit. It’s about far more than just having fun. Swimming is a life-saving skill which we, young and old, should all have. We never know when we might need it.

There’s a bit of a misconception that people who can’t swim lack confidence around water. That’s true in lots of cases, but it’s also true that swimming lessons are essential for people – including children – who are seemingly fearless. Take Eryn, for example. When she started swimming with us, she would quite happily jump in, sink, bob back up and sink again. She loved the water, but she certainly couldn’t swim.

Here’s how Eryn’s mum puts it: “Most people will say that swimming lessons are required to build their child’s confidence in the water. Eryn was quite the opposite, over confident with no swimming skills! The Aquatic Academy has provided her with a safe, fun environment with the teacher actually in the pool. This has channelled Eryn’s enthusiasm and confidence into learning swimming skills that she will have for life.”

Don’t know about you, but we’re fired up to get more people swimming! You can now join for the September 2013 course, just fill in a booking form, and we will do the rest.

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