Rolling in the Deep

We love water for many reasons at The Aquatic Academy, so naturally, we want to encourage anyone and everyone to swim, regardless of age and ability.

Whether you are a beginner, a casual swimmer or a swimming master, swimming is fun! It’s a great activity to do with the kids and an excellent form of exercise. In fact, it’s ideal for any level of fitness and the benefits can be felt straight away. Sadly, it can be easy for adults to think that swimming isn’t for them and a bad experience in the past can shape the way you see and feel swimming forever.

However, at The Aquatic Academy, we want to break down the barriers and our adult swimming lessons could be just what you need to get into the water and reap the benefits that swimming provides.

So why should you swim? Well, swimming is one of the most effective cardio workouts there is. Swimming keeps your heart rate working at a higher rate for longer periods, whilst also being far gentler on your joints than running or other aerobic exercise. Regular workouts in the pool can be a great way to reduce body fat along with a healthy diet, and the resistance of the water works all your muscles, helping to increase muscle tone.

If all this sounds too much like hard work, don’t worry because swimming can be incredibly relaxing and can help to improve your mood by releasing endorphins during your workout. Studies have found that swimming produces the same relaxation feeling that yoga does. You can train at your own level, or just enjoy a relaxing dip, progressing at a speed that’s comfortable for you.

Adult lessons are for all swimming abilities, from beginners ready to take the plunge, to competitive swimmers looking to maximise the efficiency of their technique so they can get the greatest benefit from their workout. Learning this life-saving skill means that many parents and grandparents can now enjoy swimming, (or being comfortable in and around the water) when on holiday with their children and grandchildren.

Because we know all adults want to learn at your own pace, we only offer 1:1 lessons. That means you will have your very own teacher to support your swimming development every week.

So whether you’re determined to get over your water phobia, want to push yourself that little bit further or are looking to take part in triathlons and long distance swims, The Aquatic Academy is the perfect school for you.

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