The Time Is Now - Adult Swimming Lessons

It’s easy to say ‘I’m too old, I feel embarrassed’, or think there isn’t time. But learning to swim doesn’t have to begin at childhood. The lifelong benefits of swimming can be taught and developed at any age. 

From complete beginners to training for triathlons - we have the teacher to support your swimming development. All that’s needed is the determination to improve, the desire to learn and we’ll supply the rest. Our adult learners start experiencing the benefits from the very first lesson. 

Benefits of Adult Swimming Lessons

·     Learning a life-saving skill – swimming is the only sport that will save your life.

·     Healthy mind, healthy body – It’s the only sport to work almost every muscle in the body. It’s low impact and that means no matter what shape and size - everybody can learn to swim.

·     Professional fully qualified teachers – our supportive and enthusiastic teachers will focus on you, to achieve individual swimming goals.  

·     Learning to love the water –   be confident to swim with your children, grandchildren, with friends or to take part in a competition.

Adult lessons with The Aquatic Academy will help you develop water confidence and swimming technique. Giving you the confidence to swim at your leisure and improve overall fitness. It’s fantastic for us to see adults with a genuine passion and desire improve their skills and abilities in the water. 

Handy Hints

·       Grab some goggles – this can help to be more comfortable in the water.

·       Tell us your swimming goals – let our teachers know exactly what you want to get out of your lessons. 

·       Practice between lessons – repeating what you’ve learnt will help you improve your swimming.

·       Don’t give up – a positive mindset will help you on your way to being confident and competent in the water. 

Every expert was once a beginner we all start with our first splash. Book a one-to-one course or contact us to find out more information. 


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