Child Leanring To Swim




Saturday January 11th to April 4th 2020



Children's Group Lesson Availability


Wave One With Adult (mum or dad) 10:30-11am Four Spaces
  Shallow End 0.8m 11-11:30am Four Spaces
    1:30-2pm Four Spaces
Wave One Teacher in the water 10:30-11am Three Spaces
  Beginners confident in water 11:30-12pm Four Spaces
    12-12:30pm One Space
Wave Two Six children per class 11-11:30am One Space
    11:30-12pm Two Spaces
    1-1:30pm Two Spaces
    2:30-3pm One Space
Wave Three Shallow Water 0.8m 11:30-12pm One Space
  Swimming Widths 12-12:30pm Two Spaces
    1-1:30pm One Space
    1:30-2pm One Space
    2:30-3pm One Space
Wave Three Deep Water 1.8m 12-12:30pm Two Spaces
    12:30-1pm One Space
Wave Four Waiting List    
Wave Five  Widths 1:30-2pm One Space
Wave Five  Lengths - Waiting List    
Wave Six One Hour Class 3:30-4pm One Space
Wave Seven Swim Squad Setup 3:30-4pm One Space
Wave Eight Waiting List    


Adult Group Lesson Availability 


Advanced Session Lengths 4:30-5pm Two Spaces



Children's Assessment Session and Private Lesson availability 2019


Nov 9th  2019 One to One 10:30-4pm Twelve Spaces
Nov 16th      
Nov 23rd      
Nov 30th      
Dec 7      
Dec 14th      
Dec 21st One to One  10:30-4pm Twelve Spaces


Children's Private Lessons January 2020

Private Lesson Teacher in the water 2:30-3pm One Space
Private Lesson  Pool Setup - Lengths 3-3:30pm One Space
Private Lesson Pool Setup - Lengths 3:30-4pm One Space
Private Lesson Poool Setup - Lengths 4-4:30pm One Space



We accept payment via BACS.


Course Fees
The fees for January 11th to April 4th, thirteen week course are as follows:

  • £130 Wave one (thirty min lessons)

  • £130 Wave two, three, four and five (thirty min lessons)

  • £260 Wave six, seven and eight (one hour lessons)

  • £240 One to One - eight week course (child or adult)

  • £320 One to two - eight week course (child or adult)

Weekly One to One lessons and Private Assessment sessions are £30


"Oliver loves the classes and the teachers. He was unsettled in his previous lessons and used to mess around but looks forward to coming to these lessons and pays attention."

Matthew, Oliver’s dad

"Our two have come on so much since joining - and I am confident come summer holidays that they will be more than safe in the water."

John, Daniel’s dad

"Thanks to the diligence of the instructors and the fun they instill into learning, Daniel's confidence and enjoyment of being in the water is infectious."

"We love the small classes and the confidence it's giving our little girl in the water. Ella loves her teacher."

Bethan, Ella's Mum

"So proud of Sid! Thanks to the Aquatic Academy for the wonderful journey. Sid has enjoyed every bit and looks forward to his lessons every week."

Prav, Sid’s mum

"My kids absolutely love their swimming lessons. They have come on so well thanks to Delyth and the amazing aquatic academy team."

"Kids love it. And a huge improvement on the classes we originally attended. Great staff and very well run."

Andrew, Abbie’s dad

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