Children's Private Swimming Lessons - What are the advantages for children to learn with their very own teacher?

At The Aquatic Academy we know how essential it is for children to progress in the pool, and as swimming is a lifesaving skill it is especially important for little ones to learn to love the water. After all this could save their life one day.

Our dedicated team have been teaching children for many years, and we engage our learners through song, games and demonstrations - having lots of fun along the way. The focus is always on our swimmer, and how we can help them to grow in water confidence and enjoy their swimming learning.

There are lots of reasons why children prefer to have their own teacher in the water to support their swimming development, and these can include; being nervous of a new environment, activity or being in the pool without mum or dad.

Because we are aware of our swimmers additional needs, it's especially important to us that we provide a nurturing and motivating environment for the children to feel comfortable and confident. The teachers focus is ensuring their swimmer has all the support needed to enter, move around and travel through the water. 

Each week our swimmers have the opportunity to learn the foundations of the four main swimming strokes (Frontcrawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly) as well as water safety skills such as floating and sculling. 

Feedback we receive week on week is that 'children are having fun in their lessons and are counting the days until their return'; 'They are excited to swim and have been practicing in the bath'. Our greatest joy as a team is to see nervous learner’s improving their swimming ability, water confidence skills and advancing to a group lesson.

Due to Covid-19 we have made mindful changes in line with the government and Howells School guidelines. Here is a video to showcase the children’s swimming journey from entrance to exit.

Private lessons can be booked as a course, alternatively we offer weekly ad hock sessions for those who cannot commit to a term. 

To book a session or for more information please contact us

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