February Crash Course  

Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th February 2022


At the Aquatic Academy we see the full range, from the nervous or tearful, to the calm or fearless. And we know just how important it is that these first few lessons lay the best possible foundations. That’s how safe, confident, happy swimmers develop. So we offer something that not every swim school does—and it involves you having some fun in the pool too!

Adult and child lessons are about two things: gently introducing your child to the water, and teaching you how to be safe and have fun with each other. Our aim is to develop your child’s confidence, co-ordination, balance, water safety skills and swimming technique during the course of lessons.

The twenty five minute lessons include playing games, splashing and swimming, along with building the fundamental foundations to enable your child to join a Wave One group class.

We recommend the Adult and Child class if children are under five years old, haven’t had swimming lessons before, and are nervous about a new environment, new teacher, or joining a group. Our experience shows that this is a great introduction to swimming and the children progress to the Wave One group class confident and happy in the water.

We have all the questions

How many are in each adult and child class?

There are only four children and adults in each class.

What do the lessons involve?

Half an hour of playing games, splashing and swimming. The course follows the Swim Wales, Wave One outcomes. The teacher is in the water to give instructions and demonstrations for adults to support their children with developing water confidence and swimming technique. 

I’m not a great swimmer. Could I still join in?

Absolutely. The lessons are in shallow water and our teachers are in the pool too, supporting you every step of the way.

Does my child have to do the adult and child course?

If they are under five years old and haven’t had swimming lessons before then, yes, we would recommend they complete the course before moving on to Wave One group lessons. If you're not sure please contact us and we will help you find the best class for your child.

Child Protection



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"Oliver loves the classes and the teachers. He was unsettled in his previous lessons and used to mess around but looks forward to coming to these lessons and pays attention."

Matthew, Oliver’s dad

"Our two have come on so much since joining - and I am confident come summer holidays that they will be more than safe in the water."

John, Daniel’s dad

"Thanks to the diligence of the instructors and the fun they instill into learning, Daniel's confidence and enjoyment of being in the water is infectious."

"We love the small classes and the confidence it's giving our little girl in the water. Ella loves her teacher."

Bethan, Ella's Mum

"So proud of Sid! Thanks to the Aquatic Academy for the wonderful journey. Sid has enjoyed every bit and looks forward to his lessons every week."

Prav, Sid’s mum

"My kids absolutely love their swimming lessons. They have come on so well thanks to Delyth and the amazing aquatic academy team."

"Kids love it. And a huge improvement on the classes we originally attended. Great staff and very well run."

Andrew, Abbie’s dad

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