One-to-one sessions for children suitable for all abilities


If a child is nervous of the water, has had a near drowning experience or needs some extra support with learning and technique, private lessons can be a great start. The lessons are created for each individual’s abilities and we always have a goal to work towards in each session. We also factor in less obvious challenges that may face the swimmer, for example communication or concentration difficulties.

Private lessons are for all children, and as an inclusive school we also teach children who have physical, learning and behavioural challanges. These lessons are a great start for beginners to build confidence, as well as experienced swimmers who would like to develop their swimming fitness and technique.


If you're unsure that your child is ready to join a group lesson, we offer private assessment sessions. Following the assessment we will let you know which Wave class is the most progressive for your childs current swimming ability, and any class options.


Our swimming teachers are hugely experienced in working with people of all ages and abilities. They have the knowledge, understanding and skill to transform every swimming session into a possitive experience for all our learners. Whether your child is looking to become safer and more confident in the water, or to improve their technique and stamina, private lessons are a supportive way to develop their swimming ability.


We have all the questions

Who are private lessons for?

Private lessons are for everybody and because each swimmer has their own teacher, every lesson is created with each individual swimmers progress in mind. We offer these lessons for children as well as adults, and have helped hundreds to learn to love the water, have fun and become confident swimmers. 

Where are the lessons held?

In Howells school in Cardiff on Saturdays between 10:30 and 5pm. If you have your own pool we offer a learn to swim at home option too.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are for half an hour and each course runs for between ten and sixteen weeks. At home you can book bespoke one-off sessions or a five, or ten week course.

Child Protection



DBS Checked


"Oliver loves the classes and the teachers. He was unsettled in his previous lessons and used to mess around but looks forward to coming to these lessons and pays attention."

Matthew, Oliver’s dad

"Our two have come on so much since joining - and I am confident come summer holidays that they will be more than safe in the water."

John, Daniel’s dad

"Thanks to the diligence of the instructors and the fun they instill into learning, Daniel's confidence and enjoyment of being in the water is infectious."

"We love the small classes and the confidence it's giving our little girl in the water. Ella loves her teacher."

Bethan, Ella's Mum

"So proud of Sid! Thanks to the Aquatic Academy for the wonderful journey. Sid has enjoyed every bit and looks forward to his lessons every week."

Prav, Sid’s mum

"My kids absolutely love their swimming lessons. They have come on so well thanks to Delyth and the amazing aquatic academy team."

"Kids love it. And a huge improvement on the classes we originally attended. Great staff and very well run."

Andrew, Abbie’s dad

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