1.          BACKGROUND

1.1        You have made a booking with The Aquatic Academy (“we” or “us”).

1.2        The booking confirmation, together with these Terms and Conditions constitutes the entire agreement (the “Agreement”) between us and you.

1.3        For the purposes of this Agreement “you” shall include the person on the booking confirmation and any person they are booking on behalf of.

1.4        All correspondence from us will be sent to the person named as the customer on the booking confirmation. All regular communications from us will be sent by email or on our Facebook page. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes to your email address.


2.          BOOKINGS

2.1        All fees for swimming lessons must be paid in advance of the lessons. 

2.2        Payment is required in full upon booking a group or private lesson.

2.3        Payment is required by BACS. Bank details will be provided upon booking.

2.4        At the time of booking we will require the swimmer’s full name, date of birth and any medical conditions along with a relevant mobile contact number and email address.

2.5        We will reserve the booking for seven days. After that time, if the course fees have not been received the space will be made available for public booking.

2.6        Due to high demand, we operate a waiting list system for all lessons with priority given to returning customers.

2.7        Once you have booked a group or private swimming lesson you will be given the option to pay for lessons as part of a payment plan ahead of future courses. Details will be shared by the pool manager ahead of the next course of lessons.

2.8        A swimmer will automatically be entitled for the next course and you will be advised when this takes place by email or on our Facebook page. Your place is reserved in the appropriate class but is only guaranteed when all outstanding fees are paid.

2.9        Any swimmers booked on a course who have not paid all outstanding monies will no longer have a reserved place. Their name will be placed on the waiting list. At this        point, places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis with payment required to secure the spot.

2.10      We do not offer sibling or family discounts.



3.1.        If after booking a group or private lesson, you wish to cancel your booking you may do so by contacting us in writing within 14 days of making your booking. We will arrange for the cancellation and refund of your money.

3.2.        If you choose to cancel your booking within this time frame and you have enjoyed the benefit of a lesson or lessons you will receive a refund of tuition fees less fees for the lesson(s) provided.

3.3.        After the 14 day period we are not obliged to provide any refund in respect of any classes that you are unable to attend for whatever reason.



4.1.        In the event of a pool closure we will make every attempt to contact our customers as soon as possible. Contact will be via email/phone/facebook page.

4.2.        Customers paying for swimming lessons will be provided with a catch-up lesson to replace the missed session. We will not provide a refund for any group or private lesson that has to be cancelled in the event of a pool closure.

4.3.        In the event of a pool closure wherever possible you will be offered an alternative class to accommodate your lesson.

4.4.        Any swimmer who misses the alternative class will not receive a refund or a discounted lesson in the following course.

4.5.        Lesson fees are non-refundable where the pupil has either missed lessons or decided to withdraw from a course altogether.

4.6.        In exceptional circumstances management reserves the right to exercise discretion on refunds usually on production of a medical certificate or documentation from a medical centre, hospital or GP.



5.1.        Shoes must be removed upon entry to the pool hall and placed in the storage area provided.

5.2.        We ask all parents to keep your child’s swimming bag/clothes/towel with you when they are having their swimming lesson. This means cubicles will be free and available when children want to get changed.

5.3.        No plasters are to be worn in the pool.

5.4.        Swimmers must shower before entering the pool.

5.5.        No prams or bikes are permitted in the pool hall.

5.6.        All property is brought on or to the premises at the owner’s risk.

5.7.        Smoking is not allowed in any part of the premises or in the grounds of the school.

5.8.        No food may be consumed on the premises unless previously agreed with the school.

5.9.        No dogs (other than guide dogs) or other pets are allowed on the premises or in the grounds of the school.

5.10.      Cars must be parked in the designated parking areas; this is the visitors car park.



6.1.        All children should wear appropriate fitting costumes/trunks and shorts specifically designed for swimming. Baggy costumes/trunks can hamper movement.

6.2.        No jewellery should be worn during a swimming lesson. Religious or medical bracelets are allowed but should not distract the swimmer from their lesson.

6.3.        The use of goggles is permitted but pupils will be asked to remove them if they are providing a distraction and when performing certain skills (unless there is a medical reason for goggles to be worn or they are corrective goggles worn due to visual impairment).


7.           PUPIL ILLNESS

7.1.        If your child is unwell, we recommend that you do not bring them to their swimming lesson.

7.2.        If your child has been ill with diarrhoea they should not attend their lesson. To protect others, they should not swim for at least a week after it has completely cleared up.


8.           PUPIL PROGRESS

8.1.        Where a student progresses beyond the class standard set by the instructor they will be moved up to the next class if there is adequate room in that next wave.

8.2.        We may not be able to offer the same day, time or instructor. Those waiting for spaces will be kept in their current stage until a place becomes available.



9.1.        Parents/guardians must remain on the premises whilst the pupil is attending their swimming lessons. This is imperative in case of the unlikely event of a medical emergency, building evacuation or other emergency situation. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to supervise/watch their child get to and from their teaching station ensuring a prompt pick up at the end of the lesson. Pupils must be collected promptly at the end of the lesson.

9.2.        Parents accept that their child is under the supervision, control and care of the swimming teacher, during the lesson period. Should the behaviour of the child be unsatisfactory and the class is being disrupted, the swimming teacher has the right to remove the pupil from the class.

9.3.        The teacher may employ reasonable measures as are necessary to maintain the smooth delivery of the class. We reserve the right to request that your child should be removed from classes should they persistently disrupt or are seen to be putting themselves or anyone else at risk during the class. If a child is removed under these circumstances and suitable alternatives arrangements cannot be made, no refund will be provided.



10.1.      We like to encourage communication and welcome any queries to be raised with our poolside manager.


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